Did ya miss me?

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It’s been too long!  I’ve been wanting to check in for a while now, but our computer has been down again.  Plus, mom started a new job.  My boy started high school.  Oh, yeah… and we still have the fluffy little whipper snappers.  It’s a love/hate relationship.  lol

20130704_144630-1 20130704_145527-1


The kittens are growing fast, and I have to watch the orange one!  He’s sneaky!  I was hopping by, minding my own business… when all of a sudden Dude knocked my one back leg out from under me making me trip.  Ugh… kids these days.  Here, we have some recent pics of Puff, Sweet Kitty, and Little Dude. 





I am coming up on one year and 5 months cancer free and still as healthy as can be.  Maybe I’ll get to pop in again sooner than later!  Hope everyone is well.  Take care!

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4 thoughts on “Did ya miss me?”

  1. Hi Little Man! Yes we have missed you! I am so glad to hear you are doing so well!! Those are LOTS of friends you have there and one even looks like me!!!!! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!


  2. Whole lotta’ love and cuteness jumping off those photo s! Lots of smiles take over my face when I look at those ppictures!!

    Little Man, you’re clearly enjoying your life—soaking up lots of loving and spoiling! Keep it up!!

    Lots of love toyou and your family…and don’t stay away so long next time!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Here’s hoping to no more technical difficulties! lol I want to stay awake and keep catching up with posts, but Little Man is in the bed chippering at me to turn everything off so he can rest. So bossy!

    Michelle B

  4. Hey it’s great to hear from you and see how much furn you’re having. I love the way you formatted your post, it’s so fun!

    Keep on with the pics, we love seeing all the critters you’re in charge of Little Man (because we all know you’re the boss!).

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