Hurry Up and Wait


May 19th… 

It seems so far away. That’s the first available appointment with this new holistic vet that’s a little over an hour away. We thought about just doing a phone consultation, but decided we needed to actually be seen since I have other things going on with my allergies right now, too. I had to back off one of my supplements because we think that may be making me itchy. So, I’m staying on my omegas until it’s time to try something different. In the meantime, I’ll stop in to see my primary vet. That’ll give me a chance to take a trip just to visit… maybe I’ll be more relaxed for the longer ride coming up next month with a couple trial runs? We’ve been using those calming plug-ins around the house that really help. We have the spray for the car and carrier. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the trip.