You know, just pondering the meaning of life…


Ok, so I’m not pondering the meaning of life, but it is almost vacation time!  I cannot wait for everyone to be around the house relaxing… oh, the warm laps to curl up in!  My boy gets out of school Friday and doesn’t go back until Jan 7th.  Dad will be off work till after Christmas, and mom is already planning a few pajama days.  I love the vacations where my family stays home!  I think everyone needs to rest.  My boy cracked his sternum in tae kwon do last week and one of the young cats gave us a scare with a GI obstruction.  With Christmas day being my year and a half mark cancer-free, we are more thankful than ever for our health and just being together.  Hmm… I guess that’s a big part of the meaning of life.  I was pondering after all!

A Kitty Christmas?


I’m a little mad at mom this year.  She refuses to put up an actual Christmas tree because she thinks the 3 adolescent cats will destroy it.  Ok, so she’s probably right.  Still!  I was really looking forward to curling up under the tree on the velvet tree skirt with all the pretty lights.  =(  Oh, well.  Maybe next year!  This is what mom came up with on our mantel (so, I guess we DO technically have a tree)…



Sure hope Santa Claws likes it and leaves some toys and nummies when he comes!  I wonder if I can bribe him with some of my catnip?