Even Heros Get Tired

Hey, y’all… Michelle here. I just wanted to give an update on Little Man. He’s still fighting, but the light in his eyes is not as bright these days. He really gave his mama a scare the other day. After watching him a while, I realized he was constipated and had no appetite. So, I spent 2 days getting his bowels back in order, giving him tasty treats, and spending some extra time spoiling him. He was weak that first day. His meow was just a whisper. Yesterday, he used the litter box and ate. Today, he has his strength back. He’s talking to me and acting like he’s feeling much better. He’s following me every time I go to the kitchen and asks for food. He’s drinking his water. I plan on adding fiber and a hairball supplement daily to help keep things moving. Considering the size of his tumor, it’s possible that this may be a continuing issue if it’s pressing against his intestines. It could also be from not moving around as much.  It just made me realize how quickly things can change.  I can tell he’s getting tired.  I’ve been told that I’ll “know” when it’s time to let him go and that he’ll “tell me”. I think I understand that now.

He’s been such an inspiration to me as I’ve watched him fight the terrible VAS monster. Being a 4 year survivor is a success story in itself. Still, it sure is hard to watch him decline the way he is. He’s a big part of my heart… my hero.

7 thoughts on “Even Heros Get Tired”

  1. Awww Little Man, our precious Little Man Hero Tripawd Warrior!!

    I’m glad your Momma figured out you were constipated a d made sure she got things moving along!! Being tired doesn’t hurt, but a tu.my full of poop sure can make your tummy hurt!

    Yeah, this part of the journey has good days interspersed with less good days. It sounds like tne scales are still in favor of more good days.

    You are doing a very, very good job of watching over Lil’ Man and taking care of his needs, all while spoiling him and loving him!!

    Try to continue to stay in tne moment and release all worries about the tomorrows. They will take care of their self. All you need to do is enjoy the todays, and it looks like you have a lot of todays to enjoy!

    And his picture ks absolutely adorable…as are all his pictures!! 🙂 Little Man is such a handsome man!!

    Wishing you moree good days ahead and sending you lots of hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Surviving 4 years with this horrific disease is truly an inspiration. Your Little Man is living life at his speed now and will obviously let you know how he’s doing. I wish you and Little Man more good days ahead.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  3. Good morning Michelle, recently Mona’s stool seemed dry and was sticking to her fur. I got Lactulose, vet prescribed, to help soften her stools. I also started giving her more senior wet food to ensure she’s getting enough moisture although she’s very good at drinking water so that wasn’t so much of a concern.

    Mona loves to be brushed so I get rid of some of her fur that way and she sure loves her malt flavoured hair ball remedy. I hope the fiber and hairball supplement help Little Man feel better.

    Hugs to both you and Little Man

    1. I’ve been feeding him only canned and pouched cat food lately. If it doesn’t have gravy, I mix in warm water. He’s doing good drinking. My other cats like pumpkin, but LM wouldn’t touch it. It seems like things are improving, but he has food sensitivities. I had to add a new food to get him to eat. So, I’m just watching him to see if he starts getting itchy. I hate that his eyes aren’t bright like they were not long ago, but he’s still loving on me and purring… so that’s still a good thing.

  4. Yes, purring and loving is so good. My heart breaks for you as you see the light dim. It makes it harder when they are sensitive to food but he is drinking so he is still doing well. Mona’s all time favourite is the canned kitten food the vet gave her after her amputation. When it comes time for her light to dim she will get all the kitten food she wants. Would the brand Little Man likes to eat have a kitten line. It tends to be high in calories and fat so I’m not sure if that would be a problem. You are such a good kitty mama.

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