Two Year Ampuversary!

On June 25th we celebrated 2 yrs being on 3 legs… and being cancer-free!  

We weren’t sure if we were really going to be able to celebrate or not.  Shortly after I had my 2 yr check up, mom had to rush the smallest of my bunch, Puff, to the vet.  She was a very sick kitty and required a lot of attention.  Mom was hoping to do more to mark my big day, but Puff had to come first.  The week before my ampuversary, Puff needed antibiotics, pain and nausea meds, and fluids.  Poor thing had an infection.  She finally started responding to the medicine.  By ampuversary day, she was home feeling well enough to join in on the fun.  Mom brought home some goodies for my big day.  After all, it’s not a pawty till someone breaks out the catnip toys!


For any of you just starting this journey, please know that quality of life is not measured by the number of legs you have!  😉  There is no doubt amputation saved my life.  Here I am, 2 yrs later… a healthy 10 yr old tabby still running, jumping, playing, and showing these young ones what it’s all about!