Decisions… Decisions…



Vaccine Associated Sarcoma – When surgery’s no longer an option:

It’s been over 7 months since the surgery to remove the new VAS tumor. We knew recurrence would most likely happen since we didn’t get clean margins this time. Now, I have multiple tumors along the incision site from my spine down the same side as my amputation. There’s not much tissue left there. We’re going to see the vet to see what our options are, but I’m thinking it might be time to plan for palliative care. I still look and feel very healthy aside from the lumps and bumps, but we want to be ready in case things change as the tumors continue to grow. That last surgery was so hard with me being a more, uhh, “mature” fella and all. Mom doesn’t want to put me through that again. 

In the meantime… I think I’ll just keep on soaking up the sun and getting chin scratches while looking all cute and innocent.


Please, feel free to comment with any suggestions for my visit with the vet. We look forward to hearing from you!