More Good than Bad

I knew choosing palliative care would be hard…


I just didn’t realize how hard it would be until I actually started having a physical decline. It was subtle at first. Now, I have a mix of good days and bad. Like the last couple days – my siblings have been treating me different. I wasn’t eating much. (I’m starting to lose weight.) I barely groomed. I stayed on the couch. My eyes were dim. Mom picked up on it quikly and set out to perk me up. She treated me to some boiled chicken and a good brushing. She put the other cats in another room for a while, giving me the run of the house and all of her attention. When she saw that I was feeling better yesterday, we went outside! I’ve been an inside only kitty for the last 13 years, so that was big. The breeze was against my face and I had to sniff all the flowers on the porch. It wasn’t long till I was ready to go back in, but I’ve been back to my old self ever since. We know there will be more bad days ahead, but right now the good ones outnumber the bad. The tumor keeps growing. It’s all down my side and down around my belly. I don’t hop around as easily. Mom tears up sometimes, but we’re still making some great memories.  





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  1. Oh darn Little Man, how did I miss your updates? There are so many more kitties here showing up with VAS.

    You are still stunningly handsome even though you have a new tumour. I wanted to let you know that some vets find that anti-inflammatories, such as peroxicam or prednisone, can help slow the tumour growth:

    My heart is with you and your mom. This is a horrific disease and just not fair that it was caused by a vaccine injection.

    I wish you many sunny days and happy memories with your mom.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona (also a VAS fighter)

    1. Good to hear from you! Honestly, I’m scared to try prednisone. LM was cancer free for almost 3 years. We had clean margins with the amputation. Then he had a flare up with his allergies. He had several rounds of prednisone. That’s when he had a new tumor. The prednisone seemed to be a trigger for him. The tumor growth slowed when he was tapered off the steroid. The vet thinks his immune system was actually working against any new tumors. Since prednisone suppresses the immune system, it gave the tumor a chance to form. The usual thinking is that the immune system is overactive in VAS, so I can see where prednisone and other anti-inflammatories would help in those cases. LM has just had so many other things going on in the last couple years…there’s really no telling.

  2. Okay Little Man, it turns out I’m somewhat forgetful and might be having problems keeping track of what’s happening with our kitties. I now see I did post previously. Perhaps I’m somewhat in denial that another tumour will appear after an amputation. Your mom has done a wonderful job at helping you fight this off.

    Forgive your siblings treating you differently. I have a funny story about a strange sick cat who moved into my spare bedroom. He came in through a cat door. My cats just ignored him even when he walked by them to go to their food bowl! Perhaps cats give each other respect when they aren’t well. Your mom, however, is so understanding to give you extra space and time together.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  3. What a great idea to go outdoors! The smells and the fresh air on your whiskers must have been wonderful! Here’s hoping you get to smell a lot more flowers.

  4. Littleman, we always say that nature is healing. I’ll bet a little of that each day will give you the extra spunk you need to stay strong. I wish I could lay in the sun with you.

    And I agree, you are so very handsome. Nothing can ever take that away from you gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful pictures of Little Man! He is loving the outdoors and your beautiful flowers!
    As Kerren mentioned there have been a lot of new members join with VAS. Incredibly sad we try to do the right thing by our animals and this happens.
    Keep on fighting Little Man ! You and Mom have been and are a inspiration for others!
    Holly & Purrkins

  6. Lil’ Man, you are as ha dsome as ever!! Your pictures show you are happy and content a d enjoying the treat of being outside. I agree with Jerry, nature has healing npowers, as does your Mom’s love..and our love!

    Little Man, you are such a hero arou d here…such a big inspiration for anyone starting this journey!

    Continue making everyday LITTLE MAN DAY!! Don’t know if you can possibly spoil him anymore, but you’ll find a way!!

    Live in the moment…And keep these great pictures coming! Don’t forget to take some selfies for your family album!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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