Happy Sibling’s Day

Ever since my last surgery 8 months ago, my “little” sister has been by my side. This is Sweet Kitty and our spot on the couch. Even though I act like nothing’s wrong, I guess she knows something’s not right. She’s spending more and more time by my side.








4 thoughts on “Happy Sibling’s Day”

  1. Yes I deedy, this is definitely LOVE!! Sweet, beautiful lpve. You jave some lovely treasured memories for your family album!

    I love how sista’ and Lil’ Man boths jave their front legs stretched out mirroring each other. OMC! Precious! It looks like she’s trying ro mimic three legs in a show of support and solidarity!

    Thanks for sharing these sweet moments…..melting hearts over here!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. They do mirror each other a lot. It’s super sweet. The other 2 seem to have no clue. They still want to play rough. Sweet Kitty will often walk between them and LM giving a look like she’s telling them to “chill out”. lol

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